Environmental Footprint
Minimize ZALORA's Environmental Impact

Our Targets

We will prioritise the environmental impact of our own operations, starting by reducing the impact of our packaging, warehouses, and transportation all along our supply chain.

We will also aim to better understand our global impact on climate change by measuring our carbon footprint and defining long term carbon emission reduction goals using Science Based Targets.

100% of our packaging incorporate sustainable materials.
Zero waste to landfill from our Warehouses.
20% reduction in CO2 emissions from our transport compared to 2020
40% reduction in plastic packaging volume compared to 2020.
80% of renewable energy in our Warehouses
100% offset of carbon emissions from our Operations and transport
Sustainable consumption

Inspire our customers to make sustainable fashion choices and to
participate in the Circular Fashion Movement.

Our Targets

We aim to drive a Circular Fashion Movement in Asia by providing our customers with options to extend the life-cycle of fashion items and diverting fashion from landfill. We also aim to inspire a shift towards conscious shopping by increasing our sustainable fashion assortment.

15% of active customers participating in Circular Fashion initiatives
20% of ZALORA’s product assortment meets our Sustainability criteria
30% of active customers participating in Circular Fashion initiatives.
50% of ZALORA’s product assortment meets our Sustainability criteria.
Ethical Sourcing
Have a positive impact on the lives of the people we touch;
Drive social and environmental improvement in our supply chain.

Our Targets

We accept ethical responsibility for our private label supply chain and aim to continuously drive positive change through our social audit program and implementing learning opportunities with our private label suppliers.

We will also increase the use of sustainable materials in our private label products to reduce our raw materials impact.

1 private Label capsule made from sustainable materials every year.
100% of our Private Label factories are engaged in ethical sourcing training programs.
Tier 1 private label factory list is published on our website.
40% of our private label products incorporate sustainable materials
100% of workers in our private label factories are engaged in training programs.
Responsible Workplace &
Community engagement
Be a positive force for good in our workplace and community.

Our Targets

ZALORA will use its regional presence in Asia to support local causes we care about and to create a positive impact on our People, Community, and the Environment. We will also build our internal awareness and encourage every employee to be part of a force for good.

All ZALORIAN’s engaged in Sustainability awareness initiatives.
Each key ZALORA location supports at least one local charity per year, giving back to causes and initiatives we care about.
20,000 hours of volunteering by ZALORIAN’s per year.