What is ZALORA ?
ZALORA is an online fashion retailer founded in 2012. The company has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, Philippines and Taiwan where it operates as ZALORA and in Australia and New Zealand where it operates as THE ICONIC. We have over 400 brands across our markets.
How many scholars can be awarded the ZALORA Scholarship ?
A total of six (6) students will be selected as ZALORA Scholars. One student will be chosen from each of the following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan. Applications will be open this May.
Who can apply ?
We are looking for bright and creative full-time undergraduate students studying in tertiary institutions. So whether you are a university student from a public or private school, or if you are currently enrolled in a vocational school, you are eligible to apply! This scholarship is open to students from the following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan. Please ensure that your school is part of our list of Partner Institutions before applying.
Where do I find the application form ?
The application form and the entry submission portal can be found on the website at www.zalora.sg/scholarship/.
Is this scholarship need-based or merit-based ?
This scholarship is merit-based. Your academic background will be assessed together with your entry responding to this year’s theme question.
How can the scholarship be used for my education ?
This award will partially cover your tuition fees. Amount to be disbursed varies per market.
I am a full-time international student; can I apply for the scholarship ?
Of course you can! Just be sure to check if your current school is one of our Partner Institutions and in these following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan. If you can't find your school from our list of Partner Institutions, get your school’s Scholarship & Financial Aid Department to drop us an email at scholarship@zalora.com to find out how they can be a Partner Institution.
Can I send in one application form with multiple entries ?
While we do wish to hear your ideas and appreciate your enthusiasm, to be fair to all applicants, we will only accept one entry per applicant. For multiple submissions submitted by one applicant, only the last entry sent in will be considered.
What is a Partner Institution ?
A Partner Institution is a school that has agreed to be a part of the ZALORA Scholarship. Ensuring that your school is part of the scheme helps us verify the integrity of the applications. Selected students will also be required to provide proof of their enrollment.
How can my school be a Partner Institution ?
Get your institution's scholarship and financial aid department to contact us at scholarship@zalora.com to find out how to be a part of our list of Partner Institutions.
What are the benefits of being a ZALORA scholar ?
- Financial support to aid in your education
- Relevant work experience pertaining to an emerging industry
- Original and insightful entries will be published on our website!
Am I eligible to apply if I just started my undergraduate degree and haven’t received my CGPA results?

As the ZALORA Scholarship is a merits-based scholarship for tertiary students, we would require you to provide your academic results to use in our selection process. You may apply for this year’s scholarship if you receive your results before the scholarship application closes.

For more information on the eligibility criteria, please refer to our scholarship page.

What happens if I win ?
The winner will be announced on the ZALORA Scholarship website, and notified by an email from us.