11.11 Check in & Collect
How to Participate:
  • 1. To collect the daily free ZALORA Cashback,
    • a) Check-in daily with the email registered to your ZALORA account from 6 November, 12pm to 10 November 2022, 12pm to collect SGD2 ZALORA Cashback per day.
  • 2. To win SGD11 ZALORA Cashback rewards,
    • a) Check in daily from 12pm, 6 November - 12pm, 10 November 2022.
    • b) An additional SGD1 will be given out to those who have checked in successfully on all 5 days.
  • 4. All rewards will be given out in the form of ZALORA Cashback.
  • 5. Daily free ZALORA Cashback rewards will be capped at SGD2, a total of SGD11 for 5 days (SGD11 for those who checked in on all 5 days)
  • 6. All Cashback will be automatically credited into your cashback account by 11 November 2022.
  • 7. Cashback will be valid until 13 November, 11:59PM.

The following terms and conditions apply:
  • 1. ZALORA 11.11 Check in & Collect period starts from 6 November, 12pm to 10 November 2022, 12pm.
  • 2. Check-in refreshes daily at 12pm.
  • 3. All registration and purchase made after the campaign period will be automatically disqualified.
  • 4. All participants would need to have a registered ZALORA account to enter.
  • 5. Participants would need to ensure that they check-in with the same email address registered to their ZALORA account. Any typo will not be accepted.
  • 6. Each participant may only collect the daily free Zalora Cashback once per day. Duplicate entries will not be considered.
  • 7. Cashback can only be used up to 30% of the unit price of the product after any offers, discounts or promotional pricing (including but not exclusive to voucher codes).
  • 8. Participants must be 16 years old and above in order to participate and be eligible for the prize.
  • 9. The winner of the contest also consents to cooperate and participate in any publicity activities that may be organized by ZALORA.
  • 10. All information published and related to the contest (including text, graphics, symbols, icons, software, and trademark) are protected by copyright and trademark and remain the sole property of ZALORA.
  • 11. ZALORA reserves the right to change/temporarily discontinue the contest without prior notice.
  • 12. ZALORA reserves the right to disqualify any participants who violate the rules and regulations of the contest.