Scarf & Shawl: The ‘It’ Item This Season

Scarf and shawl for women have bumped out ‘it’ bags and ‘it’ shoes to become the ‘it’ item of the moment. Womens scarves and womens shawls are simple accessories that can be used to dress up an outfit. They come in a delectable variety of colours, prints and materials to inject very different flavours into a ladies ensemble. Top Model Molly Sims, who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, declares scarves as her signature piece that she never leaves home without. Make like Molly and swap your scarves regularly. Use them to draw attention upward, or hide that awkward hickey. While you are online, shopping for beautiful scarves from ZALORA Singapore, google instructions on how to make the most of the shape-shifting abilities of scarves for women. Womens shawls are rather versatile. A womens scarf can be rolled, twisted, knotted or plaited for different effects. It can even be made into a temporary blouse for a sexy night out on the town or a sarong for a poolside party, and even a stylish turban. Check out for ladies scarves and ladies shawls to colour up your outfits.

Scarf & Shawl Online at ZALORA Singapore

Don’t be seen without your scarves for women this season. Add a dash of elegance with a ruffled woven scarf or complete that boho-chic look with womens scarves from brands like Bluejuice. A tribal design, like the one featured on the Explorers Scarf, will go great with a beanie, faded jeans and boots. Alternatively, work it into your unique boho-chic ensemble. For a delicate feminine touch to your ladies outfits, opt for soft printed linen scarfs or cotton shawls with a white, beige or brown base. Go for bright colours or bold motifs to make your outfit pop. For an elegant evening of wine sipping, take home the Pleat Scarf by Alpha 60 from our online shopping store that delivers island-wide across Singapore.